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Image of intercom system installed on multi-tenant building

Commercial & Multi-Tenant 
Intercom Services

Installation, Repair, and Upgrade

Commercial & Multi-Tenant Intercom Solutions

We are a full service intercom installation, repair, and replacement company servicing the Greater Philadelphia Area. 


We are well-versed in both older and newer brands, including ButterflyMX, Akuvox, Aiphone, Urmet, Comelit, NuTone, Lee Dan, TekTone, Auth, Hikvision, M&S, SSS Siedle, and other intercom systems.  We have extensive experience retrofitting newer audio and video intercom systems on older buildings with 2-wire infrastructure. We also offer solutions for buildings with damaged wiring.

We offer free estimates in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

Our Commercial Intercom Services Include: 

  • Fresh installation of intercom system for new construction and renovations, including system design and running wiring

  • Replacing or repairing non-functioning intercom systems

  • Audio and video intercom systems

  • Door buzzer systems for offices and storefronts

  • IP, cellular, and phone line based intercom systems

  • Full integration with door hardware (electric strikes, locks, etc.)

  • Keyless entry via keypad code or mobile app

  • Installation of electric lock systems

Image of intercom system installed in narrow space on multi-tenant building

A professionally installed intercom system is an important tool for property managers and owners.  Today's intercom systems enhance the appearance and security of your property and streamline management of multi-tenant apartment buildings.

Our favorite intercom system features for property managers:

Every brand and technology has its key strengths, but some of our favorite brands feature:

  • Remote management of IP intercom systems from the comfort of your air-conditioned office, including:

    • Adding & removing tenants & access codes

    • Viewing intercom logs

    • Automatic firmware updates

    • Remote troubleshooting

  • Unique access codes/fobs for individual residents, couriers, and staff  

  • App calling so residents can answer the door from anywhere in the world

  • Retrofit systems to add video intercom features over your old wiring

  • Solid hardware that will provide peace of mind for many years

  • Robust manufacturer technical support, including easily available replacement parts

  • Beautiful, modern designs that will upgrade your property appearance

Image of commercial grade video intercom system installed on multi-tenant building

Intercom system options for multi-tenant buildings:

In most cases, your options will depend on the state of your building:

  • Construction/Renovation Stage - All options are open! This is the ideal time to select and install an intercom system - before drywall!


  • Finished building with intact wiring - Your wiring structure will determine whether your property can support audio-only or video intercom systems. There are brands that specialize in retrofit solutions for older buildings, so your budget and needs will help pinpoint the right system for you. 

  • Finish building without existing wiring - Without wiring in place, your options are limited to cellular or IP intercom systems. In most cases IP systems will give you the absolute best value for your money. These systems require internet on-site, which can also be used for other security systems, including security cameras, access control, and smart devices.


  • Telephone entry systems are also available for buildings with existing telephone lines.

During the estimate, we will take a look at your building setup and current wiring structure. We will also discuss what you are aiming to achieve with the new system. This will allow us to provide you with the optimal system design for your property.  


Our goal is to install a system that you will love to manage and your tenants will love to use. 

What are your intercom system goals?

We will start by asking you to think about your primary objective:

  • Unlock the door using an indoor unit, remotely via mobile app, using remote controls, or manually open your door? 

  • See your visitors via video intercom or just speak to them with an audio intercom system? 

  • Keyless entry for staff, residents, and couriers? Codes and/or fobs?

  • Program the intercom directory and/or access codes at the door unit or remotely? 

  • Communicate with the front door or gate from more than one location in your home or office? 

Wondering if it is worth fixing your old intercom system?

Many older intercom systems have been phased out by their manufacturers, who no longer provide replacement parts. Whether or not your system can be repaired depends on the brand, age, and specific issue you are having.  Some issues can be repaired easily and others require replacing the system. 

Subscription fees

Most hard-wired intercom systems are standalone systems and do not require any subscription fees. Small scale commercial or storefront doorbells and buzzer systems also do not require any subscription fees.

IP systems require an internet connection on-site, and depending on the system design and brand may also require annual subscription fees.

Telephone entry ("callbox") & cellular intercom systems require fees for the landline/cellular service.

One Year Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our work! All intercom system installations are covered by our one year guarantee on both parts and labor.  Our technicians are trained, insured, and local to the Philadelphia area.

Urgent Service Calls

If your intercom system is malfunctioning, please give us a call or reach out using the "Contact Us" button above. 

New Construction

We have extensive experience installing intercom systems in new construction, including multi-tenant apartment buildings.  You can cut costs by installing your intercom system at the right time, so please contact us during the early stages.  We will map out our best estimate based on construction phase and walk you through the various options to choose your best fit. 

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