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Commercial Locksmith
Door Buzzer Systems

Installation, Repair, and Upgrade

Commercial Locksmith & Door Buzzer Systems

Tavor Security is a multi-pronged security systems company providing locksmith and door buzzer system services to commercial, industrial, and retail properties.  Whether you need a quick lock change or an all-encompassing upgrade of your property locks, we are at your service.  

A viable security system must integrate the mechanical lock system with your electronic system.  At Tavor Security we are happy to provide all of these services so that you do not need to coordinate between different providers or contractors to achieve a fully operational system.

We offer free estimates in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

Our Commercial Locksmith & Door Buzzer System Services Include: 

  • Commercial, industrial, and retail lock installation

  • Electric and magnetic lock system installation

  • Digital keypads for keyless entry

  • Master key & rekeying locks

  • Smart locks

  • Fully integrated door buzzer systems, including keypads, push-to-exit buttons, unlock via remote control, fobs, codes, or mobile devices, and single or multi-unit intercoms and commercial doorbells.

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A professionally installed commercial lock or buzzer system is an important tool for business managers and owners, providing a crucial layer of security for your employees, clients, and residents.

What is a commercial door buzzer system?

In today's  ever-changing world, businesses must prioritize the safety and security of their premises, and one essential component of a comprehensive security system is a door buzzer system.  Our extensive experience working with commercial lock systems enables us to design and quote a customized solution for each client.  

When people use the term "door buzzer system," they typically are referring to several integrated systems: 

  • Compatible, commercial grade electric lock that allows the system to unlock the door. There are many types of electric locks rated for different types of doors and usage. 

  • Power supply compatible with the electric lock.

  • Means to enter for authorized individuals - This can be a mechanical key, digital keypad, or RFID reader for keyless entry via codes, fobs, or mobile devices.

  • Means to enter for visitors - This can be a simple "ding-dong" doorbell, audio or video doorbell, or advanced IP intercoms to allow clients and visitors to announce their presence.

  • Certain locks require additional hardware to meet code requirements and maximize safety during emergencies.

  • Some doors may require a door closer device to ensure that the door fully engages when it shuts.

  • Additional optional features includes remote controls to unlock the door, fully integrated access control or intercom systems, smart locks, etc.


What are the benefits of a professionally installed commercial buzzer system?

A door buzzer system provides enhanced control over access to your retail establishment, office, warehouse, or other property. A commercial door buzzer system allows you to restrict entry to authorized individuals only, ensuring the safety of your employees and customers. By requiring visitors to identify themselves before granting access, you can effectively screen and manage who enters your premises.

Additionally, door buzzer systems offer convenience and efficiency. Instead of relying on physical keys, you can share fobs, codes, or mobile credentials with your staff, residents, or couriers.  All of our systems allow for a large number of distinct access codes, so that you can remove access per individual when needed. This streamlines the entry process and eliminates the need for multiple keys or the risk of misplaced or stolen keys.  


With a door buzzer system, you no longer need to constantly monitor the entrance- you can grant or deny access with the push of a button. If you opt for a system with remote management, you can do so from anywhere in the world!

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During the estimate, we will take a look at your current entrance setup, including your door system and any existing lock, keypad, or doorbell.   We will also discuss what you are aiming to achieve with the new system. This will allow us to provide you with the optimal system design for your property.  


Our goal is to install a system that you will love to manage and your tenants will love to use. 

What are your door buzzer system goals?

We will start by asking you to think about your objectives:

What do you hope to achieve?

Who will need access to your property? Employees, tenants, couriers, customers?

Is this a high risk establishment, such as a jewelry store?

Do you want to converse with visitors and clients from one key reception area or do you need an intercom and unlocking solution that allows you to move freely throughout your space?

Do you need visitor logs, video recordings, etc?

You may have one, two, or more goals to achieve with your new system. Once we have established what you wish to accomplish, we will be able to advise you on the best brand, system, and setup for your needs.

  • Improve security: One of the primary goals of installing a door buzzer system is to enhance the security of the business premises. It allows business owners to control access by granting entry only to authorized individuals, minimizing the risk of unauthorized entry and potential security breaches.

  • Increase efficiency: A door buzzer system can streamline the entry process, allowing for quicker and smoother access for employees, visitors, and deliveries. This can save time and improve overall operational efficiency.

  • Enhance customer service: By installing a door buzzer system, business owners can provide a better customer experience. They can promptly greet visitors, guide them to the appropriate location, and ensure a warm and welcoming environment.

  • Monitor and record entry activity: Another goal is to have a record of who enters and leaves the premises. A door buzzer system with video recording capabilities can help monitor entry activity, providing valuable documentation in case of any incidents or disputes.

  • Deter theft and vandalism: The presence of a door buzzer system can act as a deterrent to potential thieves or vandals. It sends a message that the business takes security seriously and is actively monitoring access.

  • Control access during non-operational hours: For businesses that operate outside of regular hours, controlling access becomes crucial. A door buzzer system can restrict entry during non-operational hours, ensuring the safety of the premises and valuable assets. 

  • Improve overall safety: By having a door buzzer system, business owners can enhance the safety of their employees and customers. They can verify the identity of individuals before granting entry, minimizing the risk of unauthorized or potentially dangerous individuals gaining access.

  • Streamline visitor management: A door buzzer system can simplify visitor management by providing a centralized point of contact for visitors to announce their arrival. This helps create a more organized and professional impression.

  • Comply with industry regulations: Depending on the nature of the business, there may be specific security regulations that need to be adhered to. Installing a door buzzer system can help meet these requirements and ensure compliance.

  • Peace of mind: Ultimately, the goal of installing a door buzzer system is to provide business owners with peace of mind. It allows them to have better control over access, monitor entry activity, and create a safer and more secure environment for their business.

Commercial lock & buzzer system repair

We have extensive experience with a wide range of commercial locks and buzzer systems, and can provide a quote to repair or replace your current, malfunctioning system. 

We do our best to incorporate any operational components of your current system, aiming to keep costs low when feasible. 

In many cases, we are able to utilize existing, functioning electric locks and connect them to the new system.

Custom Solutions


We employ a "one size does not fit all" philosophy. Every door system is unique and designed to meet the needs of the establishment and the existing door hardware. We follow industry standards for indoor vs outdoor rated locks, materials, keypads, and other system components.

A commercial lock & door buzzer system for a HOA pool, multi-tenant apartment building, small office, warehouse, or retail store will look very different.  The type of equipment needs for a high volume retail establishment outdoor entrance is not the same as the components used for a small, indoor office space.  

Our goal is to provide you with a long-term solution that fulfills your requirements and is appropriate for your specific setting and use.

One Year Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our work! All commercial locksmith & door buzzer system installations are covered by our one year guarantee on both parts and labor.  Our technicians are trained, insured, and local to the Philadelphia area.

We only use commercial grade parts that are purchased directly from the authorized distributor with full US-based manufacturer warranty and support.

Urgent Service Calls

If you are experiencing an urgent system malfunction, please call or text the number below. You can also reach out using the "Contact Us" button above.  Please describe the type of system failure and brand/model if known. 

New Construction

We have extensive experience installing door buzzer systems in new construction, including multi-unit retail establishments or offices.  You can cut costs by installing your system at the right time, so please contact us during the early stages.  We will map out our best estimate based on construction phase and walk you through the various options to choose your best fit. 


Additional Security System Services

We are a full service security systems installation and repair company. Please reach out if you require a quote to install, repair, or replace:

  • Access control systems

  • Security camera systems

  • Intercom systems

  • Other low-voltage commercial systems

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