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Image of intercom system installed on multi-tenant building

Intercom Services

Installation, Repair, and Upgrade

Home & Business Intercom Solutions

We are a full service intercom installation, repair, and replacement company based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Our technicians are trained to fix or install NuTone, Aiphone, Lee Dan, TekTone, Auth, Comelit, Hikvision, M&S, SSS Siedle, and other intercom systems, as well as all types of doorbell buzzer systems. We offer free estimates in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

Our Intercom Services Include: 

  • Intercom systems installation

  • Commercial, residential and multi-tenant apartment building systems

  • Intercom troubleshooting and repair

  • Audio and video intercom systems

  • WIFI and phone line based intercom systems

  • Full integration with door hardware (electric strikes, locks, etc.)

  • Doorbell services

  • Complete entry doors solutions

  • Keyless entry via keypad code or mobile app

Image of intercom system installed in narrow space on multi-tenant building

Intercom systems add an extra layer of protection to your home or business.  Advances in technology mean that intercoms, buzzers, and other door entry systems are more available and affordable than ever before.

Today’s intercom systems allow you to:

  • See who is at your front door or gate.

  • Open your door with a keypad or mobile app.

  • Buzz in your guests from inside your house.

  • Speak to callers without opening your door.

  • See when your children get home and unlock the door remotely.

  • Create individual entry codes for residents and couriers in your multi-tenant apartment building or business.

  • Add an extra level of security to your home or business.

  • Buzz in visitors for your by-appointment business.

  • Streamline tenant entry by reducing the need for physical keys.

  • Enable tenant entry to building via code or key fobs

Image of commercial grade video intercom system installed on multi-tenant building

It can be difficult to sift through the many types of intercom systems available

  • Audio or video intercoms

  • Door bell aka "door buzzer" systems

  • Keyless entry via keypad codes

  • Door unlock via mobile app

  • Remote viewing of your front door

  • Remote programming of your intercom for multi-tenant building owners

  • WIFI or phone line based intercom systems

It can be hard to choose! Give us a call and we will happily walk you through your options.  We can provide you with several intercom estimates. Compare the cost and capabilities for each option and make your own decision.  With today’s technology, there are excellent intercom solutions for every budget. 

What are your intercom system goals?

We will start by asking you to think about your primary objective:

  • Unlock the door using a "buzzer" or manually open your door? Remotely using a mobile app?

  • See your visitors via video intercom or just speak to them with an audio intercom system? 

  • Avoid using keys for "regulars" at your business, multi-tenant apartment building, or community center? One access code for everyone or individual codes by role, apartment, etc.?

  • Program access codes at the keypad or remotely? 

  • For multi-tenant intercom systems, do you want a wired panel where visitors push a button for the apartment, or a smaller LCD screen where you scroll for the apartment?

  • Communicate with the front door or gate from more than one location in your home or office? 

Wondering if it is worth fixing your old intercom system?

If you have an older system, you may find that intercom parts are difficult to source.  Upgrading to a newer, better intercom system may actually be more affordable than repairing an older system.


We can provide you with separate estimates for replacement, repair, or upgrade.  Sometimes it can be difficult to part with your trusty Nutone or Auth intercom, and we understand! If you prefer to fix your intercom system we are happy to do so.

No monthly fees

Most of the systems we install are stand-alone intercom systems. There are no monthly membership fees. 

One Year Guarantee

We stand by the quality of our work! All intercom system installations, repairs, or upgrades are covered by our one year guarantee on both parts and labor.  Our technicians are trained, insured, and local to the Philadelphia area.

Urgent Service Calls

Intercom not working? We are available for urgent service calls to repair your malfunctioning home or business intercom system.

New Construction

We have extensive experience installing intercom systems in new construction, including multi-tenant apartment buildings.  You can cut costs by installing your intercom system at the right time, so please contact us during the early stages.  We will map out our best estimate based on construction phase and walk you through the various options to choose your best fit. 

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