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Security Camera Systems

Expert CCTV Installation & Repair
Serving the Greater Philadelphia Area

Home & Business Security Camera Systems

We are a full service security camera system installation, repair, and replacement company based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Our technicians are trained to fix or install indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, IP and HD cameras, wired cameras, and wireless cameras, including a broad range of security camera systems and brands. We offer free estimates in the Greater Philadelphia area. 

Our Security Camera System Services:

  • Security camera installation & repair

  • HD and IP systems service

  • Security camera maintenance

  • CCTV system replacements and upgrades

  • Security system design

When you think about a security camera system, you may be wondering-

  • How do I choose the best security camera system?

  • Wired or wireless? HD or IP? DVR or NVR? 

  • How long can I store the images? Can I access them on my phone? 

  • How much does a security camera system cost? Do I need to pay monthly fees?

  • I have a security camera system that isn’t working – can you fix it?

  • What if I buy a security camera on Amazon or Walmart – can you install it for me?

Image of bullet style commercial grade security camera system installed on siding

Installing a surveillance camera system for your home or business should be easy.

After all, it may look like a security camera and wires – but you are actually installing peace of mind.  You are adding an extra set of eyes to watch your property.  You want to make your life easier, and the process should be straightforward.

Let us help! Estimates are always free, and we are happy to answer your questions by phone or email.  We can help you sort through all the noise and figure out what you truly need. 

How do I know what type of security camera system I need?

Don’t let fancy industry talk turn you away.  We will go over your options and explain everything until you are satisfied and know exactly what you are getting.

If you don’t know what type of camera system you need – that’s fine! Just tell us the outcome you want to achieve.  We will help you design the perfect match - and within your budget. 

How much does it cost to install a security camera system?

Everyone will tell you - it depends! How many cameras do you need? Are they indoor or outdoor? How will you view the footage? Do you have special requirements like 2-way-talk or license plate recognition?

The average price for a commercial grade 3-camera hard-wired system with a recording device and mobile viewing usually starts at $1,750 installed.  Depending on the complexity of the system and your property set up, it can cost a lot more than that, but this is a good starting point when considering a budget. 


If you already have functioning wiring and just want to upgrade your cameras, the cost will be significantly less.  A large portion of the pricing is the intensive labor that goes into properly and professionally installing the wire structure for your system.  Wiring is an investment in your property and as long as it is not tampered with, should last the life of your building.

I can buy security cameras myself for much less...

You can get a good rate on a security camera at your local retailer, and we can quote you on installation only for your pre-purchased security cameras.  However, we only work with commercial grade equipment purchased from an authorized distributor, so most brands that you purchase on Amazon or Walmart will not fall into this category.  The typical no-name security system brand does not come with all of the parts required for professional installation, as they are geared toward "DIY-ers."

Bear in mind that the bulk of the cost is not for the security cameras themselves. We itemize our estimates, and you will see it spelled out on paper.  Most of the cost is for the work involved. Until someone invents a magic wand that can run wires, there are no shortcuts.  Running wiring for a security camera system is very time and labor intensive, and that translates to the total estimate.

The good news is that once you run those wires properly, they are there for a very long time.  It is a "set it and forget it" cost!  The wiring will last the life of your property.  You can install future security systems or upgrades over the same wiring. It is an investment in your property.  Properly installed wires not only are aesthetically more pleasing, but they ensure a more secure surveillance camera system.

What type of monthly or membership fees are required for security camera systems?

We don't like monthly fees.  After all, if you wanted to be locked in to a contract, you probably wouldn't be on this page.

We prefer to install "stand alone" security camera systems. That means you purchase a recording device that you keep at your home or business- a DVR or NVR – and you NEVER have to pay a monthly fee to access your images.  

If you need to store a lot of images for an extended time period, it may require a large-scale recording device.  These large storage devices can be pretty expensive, so you may prefer a monthly storage plan.  We can help set you up with such a service. Compare the costs and decide if you prefer the monthly fees over the hardware investment.

We have NO hidden fees. We itemize our estimate in detail, so you know exactly what you are getting. If you need to set up WIFI, purchase separate accessories and parts, or bring in a contractor for additional installation prep – we will tell you up front.  

Image of outdoor wall-mounted security camera

Our technicians are licensed, insured, and local

We are local, licensed, insured, and experienced. We know what we are doing and do not cut corners. We show up on time and will listen to you.  If you have any trouble at all with your security camera system – give us a call. We will walk you through it as often as you need.

We have over 20 years’ experience in the security industry. We work with industrial, commercial, and residential CCTV systems – big and small projects.  


We are a small local business and take pride in doing an excellent job.  We take all of our customers personally and will work with you until you are satisfied.

One year guarantee? Really?

Yes, really! Every security system installation includes a one year guarantee on parts and labor.  

We are good at what we do.  We stand by the quality of our work.  If we make a mistake, we will fix it. 

We use authentic parts and will apply the manufacturer warranty if you have any problems with a camera, DVR, NVR, or other component. 

Our guarantee covers system malfunctions and installation errors.

Okay, so I already bought a security camera system - can you install it for me?

Short answer – maybe. You can score a deal on a basic camera system on Amazon, Walmart, or Costco. Who doesn’t love the appeal of comparison shopping from your couch?  

If the system you have purchased is commercial grade, we can definitely quote you installation-only services.  However, this is unlikely to be a brand that you found on Amazon or Walmart. If you are unsure, send us a message through the Contact Us link with the name of the brand and we'll let you know if it is a system we can install.

Our one year guarantee will not cover anything you purchased yourself.  You would be covered by the manufacturer warranty, but you will have to contact them directly if you have a problem with the system.

If you haven’t purchased your cameras yet, we humbly recommend that you first get a quote from us! We purchase directly from distributors and manufacturers at wholesale pricing. That means we can get you a better quality security camera system at similar or lower pricing. 


While the low cost cameras from big box stores may look similar, they typically are made from lower quality materials.  The body is generally plastic and not metal, lens and electronic components are lower quality, and they typically do not last more than a couple of years.  They also do not come with a "backbox" to protect the camera connections, which results in a less aesthetically pleasing and less durable installation.  The security cameras that we supply are made to last 10-20 years with proper care and installation.

What about my other questions? Indoor camera? Outdoor camera? IP System? HD?

The technology out there is simply amazing. There is a camera system for every type of need. You can even get a security camera with little windshield wipers for your car wash!  Your particular situation will determine the type of set up that is the best fit for your home or office.   


Our preferred system is a hard-wired network system with local and remote viewing & control. However, if you have a need for a different type of system, please reach out and we will do our best to accommodate you.  We typically do not recommend or install WIFI components as they are not commercial grade and are much less reliable than a hard-wired system. However, if you feel comfortable watching a few YouTube tutorials and picking up some tools, you can definitely install a great DIY wireless system on your own. For most residential applications, self-installed wireless systems will do the trick and are a great first system.

So now what?

Give us a call or send a message through the “Contact Us” link.  Tell us a little about your project.  We will set up a time to walk through your property for a free estimate.  We will go over your goals for installation or repair and review the different products available.

We will always give you options. We will talk you through the pros and cons. Ultimately – you will decide what surveillance camera system is best for you.

Image of security camera system installed

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