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Amazon Key for Business

Amazon Key for Business: Delivery Solutions for Multi-Tenant Buildings

Tavor Security has teamed up with Amazon to offer Key for Business to multi-tenant apartment buildings in the greater Philadelphia area.  This innovative technology will save you the hassle of dealing with Amazon delivery drivers and lost or stolen packages, and the best part - it is completely free!  Amazon covers the cost of the device and installation. There is no commitment and you can opt out of the program at any time. 

Why join Amazon Key for Business?

Dealing with deliveries can be a headache for property managers, especially when it comes to multiple Amazon drivers arriving throughout the day. Unlike other carriers, it can be difficult to build a relationship with your Amazon driver, as your particular driver changes from day to day and even throughout the day.  This means that your Amazon driver may not know the best location to leave packages, your building entry code, and other key information.

Multi-tenant buildings tend to have the highest rate of missed deliveries, stolen packages, or misdelivered packages.  Research indicates that property mangers typically spend 6-10 minutes per package coordinating with carriers! With online purchases steadily increasing, this can take up a significant chunk of your day. 

A recent survey by The National Apartment Association Panel indicates that as many as 60% of residents take into account package delivery efficiency when considering renewal.  

Joining the Amazon Key for Business program can reduce delivery failures by 50-80% over time - at no cost to you!

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What about building security? How does Key for Business actually work?

We’ll install and maintain the Key for Business device in your building, free of charge. It’s compatible with most electrical access systems, and installation is typically quick and easy.

Amazon drivers will request entry to your building via the Amazon delivery app, which will provide time-bound access after validating the driver’s ID, route, GPS location, and time of request.

The Amazon delivery app will unlock the building door for the delivery driver ONLY if three conditions are met:

  • The driver is physically on-site (verified via geolocation tracking)

  • The driver has packages on his vehicle for your address

  • The driver is within the 2-3 hour delivery window for that package


Drivers will follow step-by-step delivery instructions - provided by you - that guide them to leave packages in the location of your choice. This includes specific instructions and photos on where to access the property, where to leave packages, etc. The app will integrate with your electronic door system to provide one-time, approved access for the driver.


This process actually makes your building more secure.

  • You can designate delivery windows 

  • All entry information is stored in the cloud - drivers will not have fobs, access codes, etc.

  • Multi-factor authentication ensures that drivers will be able to access your building ONLY if they physically have a package scheduled for delivery at that time.

  • Without Amazon Key for Business, drivers often draft residents to grant them access to the building. Key for Business eliminates this need and creates an access record that keeps track of each driver entry.

  • You will be able to view access records via your existing access control software. If you do not have a record keeping access control system, we can provide a quote for you (not included in the Amazon Key for Business program).

  • As always, all Amazon drivers are thoroughly vetted, including background  and driving record checks.

How does Key for Business integrate with my current access control / intercom system?

Image of intercom system installed on stucco

The Amazon Key for Business device integrates seamlessly with most electronic door entry systems.  We will also take a look at your existing system to confirm that the device can be installed before moving forward.  


We just need an AC outlet and wired internet connection (i.e. Ethernet) in the room where your current access control panel or callbox is located. Also, in cases where it will not be possible for you to provide wired internet connection, we can still accommodate an installation in your building with the addition of a cellular modem. 


You do not have to change any of your existing access control infrastructure in your building. The Key for Business device works in parallel with existing access control system in your building and does not affect the building
access experience for your residents, nor does it affect the access management experience of your building staff.

Sounds great! So what's next?

Use the Contact Us button above to request a quick site survey. We will take a look at your building setup and confirm that it is a good candidate for the Amazon Key for Business program.  

Currently, Amazon Key for Business in Pennsylvania is available to buildings with:

  • A minimum of 10 apartment units

  • Barrier to entry (locked gate, main door, lobby, etc.)

If Key for Business is a good fit for you, we will send you a link to sign a installation agreement with Amazon.  We will then schedule the installation, typically within about a week. The Key for Business goes "live" about 2-3 weeks after installation, once Amazon has verified and tested everything on the back end.

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